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Key Card Door Access

professional key card door access

Key card door access is another professional cabling service that we’re delighted to offer for enhanced security. Whether you want to install it for your office space or for a larger commercial building, there’s no doubt that key card door access is a safe and secure way to protect your property and important information as well. The main purpose of key card door access is to protect what’s on the inside from those unauthorized to access it from the outside. With a key card, only those that have been authorized and have a valid key card in hand can access and open the key card door.


Installing a key card door is similar to installing any other type of security door but requires further professional assistance when it comes to configuration. We are able to offer installation from start to finish and can even assist you in picking the best key card door to fit your needs. Not all key card doors are created equal, as some require tapping the card for quick access, while others require inserting the key and waiting for the signal to open the door. If you have ever stayed in a hotel, you’ll instantly notice that some offer card tapping entry, while others require you to insert the key before turning the handle.


When it comes to configuration, we are able to provide unbeatable services. Configuring your key card door is crucial to ensuring that your door continues to serve you and your company accordingly. If your key card door is not configured properly then it could result in belated productivity, inability to access the door, as well as other users having faulty cards, or inability to gain access through the door. Not only do we assist in setting up the door, but we also assist in configuring the key cards that are compatible with the door itself.

New Card Setup

If your company hires new employees, there’s a simple way to configure new key cards so that your new employees can gain access through the key card door with greater ease. This can often be done by configuring the card through an online system and later tapping it through the door to ensure that it operates accordingly. We recommend users with key cards to keep their cards at a distance from electronic devices, as these can sometimes disable the cards or render them ineffective.


One of the main purposes of the key card door is to enhance overall safety and security. Our goal is to ensure that you have optimal safety when it comes to protecting important information and data that is secured on the other side of the key card door. Furthermore, we also believe in ensuring the safety of your employees by offering them key card access so that they are able to perform their job in a safe manner with other authorized users as well. When it comes to safety, a key card door is the best way to go!

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